IMPROVEMENT REQUIREMENTS (Strategic Objectives for 3 Years)

Improve Professional Development

  1. Strategic Objective: Develop capacity and competency among teachers in curriculum delivery, aimed at catering to the multiple intelligences of students.
    • Sensitize teachers to current innovative pedagogies and integrate technology to facilitate the teaching/learning process
    • Develop tools (checklists, rubrics, learning logs, worksheets) to facilitate student self-assessment and teacher-student assessment
    • Facilitate arrangements to promote collaboration among teachers with the emphasis on curriculum planning and delivery
    • Equip teachers in the designing and use of testing and evaluation instruments
Improve Academic Performance

  1. Strategic Objective: Develop students’ cognitive skills based on their grade level, which will facilitate their functioning at a Level 3 or Level 4 at National Test and eliminate students scoring under 30% at the SEA Examination
    • Develop remedial programmes in core subjects to assist students performing below standard
    • Enhance the resources available to teachers and use them to cater to all learners
    • Develop a collection of testing and evaluation instruments that will be readily available to teachers to use with students
    • Develop a supply of recording documents to record students’ progress and performance
Develop Co-Curricula Activities

  1. Strategic Objective: Implement a variety of co- and extra-curricula activities to promote, cultural respect, patriotism and lifelong learning
    • Promote the inclusion of the aesthetical areas of the curriculum
    • Increase student participation in various sporting disciplines, creative and cultural activities
    • Establish clubs for drama, cricket, football, netball, red cross and athletics
    • Establish a school pan side and school choir
    • Provide indoor games for recreational purposes, such as draughts, moral, hop-scotch
Enhance Discipline

  1. Strategic Objective: Foster a sense of social responsibility among staff and students to promote self-discipline, commitment, and self-esteem.
    • Direct and organize school policy and activities on classroom management
    • Formulate, produce, and circulate a Discipline Matrix and Code of Conduct to students and parents
    • Reintroduce the prefect system to promote school pride and student discipline
    • Involve professionals and other successful persons of the national community to motivate the student population with the aim of improving discipline, irregularity and unpunctuality
Increase Parental Support

  1. Strategic Objective: Promote and support active parental involvement in the school and in their individual children’s education
    • Revitalize the P.T.A. Organisation and advocate attendance at PTA meetings by both parents and teachers in order to improve Parents/Teachers linkages
    • Develop a parent database to enable collaboration and support
    • Set up committees to assist in celebrations of various national festivals
    • Improve the quality of parenting and parental involvement by organising seminars on parenting and other related topics
    • Establish a Parental Support Group
    • Develop teacher/parent relationships by means of conferences, report collection, yearly class meetings, sports & family day
    • Promote the involvement of parents in school clubs and after school activities
    • Develop capacity of parents/guardians to assist children in the academics
Expand Community Involvement

  1. Strategic Objective: Establish mutually beneficial relationships with the community, businesses and educational district
    • Actively promote and maintain school/business links through visits, correspondence, invitations to school functions, school events calendar etc
    • Create a school development fund entitle ‘the Enterprise Development Fund’ to facilitate contributions from past students, retired teachers, and the national community

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