• Each child is inherently and intrinsically good and, therefore deserving of dignity, respect and love.
  • All students can learn, achieve, and succeed when differences in learning styles are recognized.
  • Students learn best while actively being engaged in the learning process.
  • The goal of every teacher must be to work toward meeting the academic, social and physical needs of each student.
  • Every student should be given the opportunity to be successful.
  • A supportive and challenging learning environment gives students better opportunities to learn and make appropriate decisions.
  • Students learn best when they have developmentally appropriate learning activities based on appropriate data and research-based information
  • Educational technology provides students with important skills for gaining information and sharing knowledge.
  • Education in the aesthetics will enhance necessary skills for complete academic development
  • Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s academic development.
  • Positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students, staff, and community enhance a student’s self-esteem.
  • Teachers, parents, and community share the responsibility for the support of student learning to prepare students to become lifelong learners in a 21st century society.

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